Tyche is a graphical development environment based on a flowchart programming paradigm, the Flowgram™. The underlying calculation engine, Tyche engine, is our "state of the art" grid parallel analytic engine offering unparalleled speed and data connectivity. The rich and open API's lower operational expenses and facilitate interfacing with your existing on premise or cloud infrastructure.

Tyche's flexibility and remarkable speeds helps non-life and life insurers across their modelling platforms, including capital, pricing, reserving, life cashflow modelling, economic valuation, risk and data cleaning.

The key benefits of the Tyche are:

  • Intuitive model design and simplified actuarial modelling as a result of our easy-to-use Flowgrams and T# language
  • Testing demonstrates that Tyche consistently beats competitor software on usability and performance from small to very large (multiple TBs) models
  • Improved performance through modern CPU capabilities and seamless distribution of stochastic calculations over a grid (“Hive” technology)

For further information, please contact:

Global & UK: Jonathan Broughton

US: Dustin Duncan

Europe: Roel Van den Heuvel