Tyche Pricing System

The Tyche Pricing System (TPS) is an enterprise solution for pricing all classes of SME, Commercial and Treaty Reinsurance (Cat and non-Cat) business. Since its official launch in September 2019, it has, on average, been selected by a new client every two months. Built on the latest technology stack, this web application enables best-in-class pricing.

Pricing teams have access to Tyche Pricing System’s pre-build experience and exposure pricing functionality, and additionally they can develop custom pricing models within a secure, well-governed development framework process, independently from their IT team.

TPS integrates easily with third party systems including policy admin, exposure, claims and reporting data lakes. The rich, open APIs facilitate easy-to-configure data transfer. Additionally, TPS integrates with the Tyche Exposure and Accumulation Management facilitating efficient and consistent portfolio risk management.

The key benefits of the Tyche Pricing System are:

  • Simplifying the potentially complex reinsurance pricing process by combining advanced technology and expertise with the feedback from the detailed pricing experience of our significant client base
  • Faster quote turn-around, leading to increased premium volumes
  • Efficiency in the renewal process with analyses and clear views of exposure
  • Reduction in pricing and governance simplified by using a centralised platform and data storage

For further information, please contact:

Global & UK: Sam Worthington and Jonathan Broughton

US: Dustin Duncan

Europe: Roel Van den Heuvel