Tyche Model Generator

The Tyche Model Generator (TMG) is a library product that automates the conversion of Excel representations of models to Tyche. The Tyche Model Generator uses a simple excel template based on a standard approach for developing cash flow models in Excel.

Tyche Model Generator features include:

  • The generated model inherits the structure of the original Excel model
  • Column names from the Excel are converted to variable names in Tyche
  • Excel formula are added as comments to the code
  • Benefits from automated model documentation

The key benefits of the Tyche Model Generator are:

  • The TMG generates optimized Tyche code leveraging best practice expertise of our most experienced developers
  • The TMG accelerates your adoption of Tyche, leveraging your team’s knowledge of Excel to get started while you develop Tyche coding skills
  • The TMG allows you to share Excel representations of models to non-Tyche users, knowing your production Tyche models are fully equivalent

For further information, please contact:

Global & UK: Jonh Rowland

US: Dustin Duncan

Europe: Roel Van den Heuvel